Nice to race in cooler weather!

A fun Sprint to have a bit of a shake out after IMLP 70.3 last week.

Having done IMLP 70.3 last weekend and with a late night out with friends on the Saturday it was going to be interesting to see how this one went.  Dragged myself out of bed at 05:00 (nowhere near enough sleep....) and grabbed a Starbucks and a banana on the way to venue.  

Set up in transition despite one racer’s best efforts to ignore rack numbering in trying to secure an ace location at end of rack...which was my spot!  A warm, muddy (definitely one of those where you don’t want to swallow the water!) 300m straight line lake swim - start wide and get a clean run, drafting well to overtake for the finish - 1st in AG by 33 secs.

Good transition and off on a good bike leg (for me) averaging 20.1mph.  Another quick change act and start the run.  My weakest discipline this is normally where I give all the previous gains away but, despite the 70.3 last weekend and a late night, I managed to find the energy to keep up enough pace to hold off Jeff Gill, one of the guys I regularly battle with for the podium slot, and get 2nd place.

A fun day and good to have slightly cooler weather after triple digit temperature local races this past few months. 

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