Artur Barsumyan

Ulm, Germany |

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon
Bucket List RaceNorseman !!!!
Post-Race DrinkRedbull
Off-Day ActivityRead books, google new races.

Hello, my name is Artur, I live in Ulm, Germany and Im working as a Doctor in Sports medicine and on top of that Im also coaching endurance athletes. However, my main goal at the moment is to become a pro triathlete. At the end pf the middle school, I quite quickly understood that I will either be just an ordinary person or I will do life on my own terms. Unfortunately people around me weren’t supportive at all as at pretty much every step on the way, while making life and career decisions, I heard «-You? - Never! - You? - Forget it boy!». However, I decided to prove them wrong…
Unfortunately, this doesn’t get any easier as with chasing our dreams come obstacles and sadly there are not many people who support my ideas, as right now all I hear is that Im too old to become a pro and that I should focus purely on work. However, I can reassure you, that your support would be extremely helpful.