Juan M Jordan

Scardsdale, New York

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, Trail Running, Adventure Racing, SUP, Yoga
Bucket List RaceNorseMan !!
Post-Race DrinkRepair mix
Off-Day ActivityYoga and Paddle Boarding

My name is Juan “Juanma” Jordán. I am a Veterinarian, traveler and an amateur Ultra distance athlete. As an endurance athlete, with my drive for going the distance, the odyssey of personal rediscovery that teaches/reminds me what my body capable of and the limits I have. That combination between mind and heart that is constantly reminding me to take the extra step and keep moving forward to conquer the day. Endurance is a lifestyle, a passion, a family and gives you the time with your own crazy self.
Each day do what makes you happy…this translates into becoming the best version of yourself. By doing this, you are a motivational source …. but the best part is that it opens a window of vulnerability and allows you to be inspired by others… It is all about sharing your passions. Each step is a learning process and growth is achieved when we don’t hold back and give our best