Emily Gilliland

Portland, Oregon

Primary Discipline(s) Road Running, Trail Running, Kayaking / Canoe Marathon, Hiking
Bucket List RaceThe Boston Marathon, 29029, and Marathon des Sables
Post-Race DrinkLauren's Mega Nuts Bar
Off-Day ActivityWatching movies and taking pictures.

Hey Picky! I am a native Hoosier who has found herself in the Great Pacific NW. My motto is "do good, do it well, and make it last." My career has found me working in the nonprofit sector leading organizations and efforts towards racial justice and equity. I volunteer at my local radio station ( where I host the morning show two days per week and produce a daily news podcast.

I stay focused (and healthy) by running and exercising with my friends. I love Hood to Coast and bring together a team (when we "win" the entry lottery!) and I have a goal of 1,000+ running miles each year. I love competing and I love teamwork even more.