Bette Hagerty

Los Angeles, California

Primary Discipline(s) Road Running, Trail Running, Strength Sports (Bodybuilding, Strongman, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Crossfit)
Post-Race DrinkHow 'bout dem apples oatmeal, Lauren's Mega Nuts bars
Off-Day ActivitySwing dancing, reading, travel dreaming, beach cruiser biking to In 'n Out

Running for almost 29 years (well, longer but my first race was in 1992), RRCA certified coach since 2015. Stopped being afraid of failing around age 50 and took 4 minutes off my 5k and 20 off my marathon time. Fear makes you slow. BQ'd 3X, ran NY and Chicago. Not yearning to do the other Abbott 3, just want to run until I can't. Twelve columns published in the RaceRaves blog, an essay on Amby's Lifetime running website. Run 30-40mpw right now with no racing. A fun old gal, loves music, running, chocolate, trees and travel.