Joshua Ramirez

Flagstaff , Arizona

Primary Discipline(s) Mountain Biking, Road Running, Trail Running, Track and Field, Snowboarding, Hiking
Bucket List RaceI want to run a race in every state in the USA. I have raced in about 15 states.
Post-Race DrinkAh, Fudge Nuts!
Off-Day ActivityI run everyday but I got into mountain biking since moving to flagstaff and hiking!

I am a post college NAIA All-american runner who moved to flagstaff to pursue my dream of running on an elite level. I am very passionate about running. It. is basically the thing I am most known for among my friends and family.
I love this sport and all that it has to offer, the thrill and the risk it presents are greater than anything I have ever experienced.
I took a huge risk moving to flagstaff and I would do it all over again. This place is my home now.