Christina MacKenzie

, United States

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Road Running, Trail Running
Bucket List RaceEnjoying the journey *is* the bucket list.
Post-Race DrinkTrail Mix oatmeal (+Drizzle!!!)
Off-Day Activitychasing my kids around and maybe reading

I'm 33, she/her/hers, I work a full time corporate job, I'm a single mom to two very energetic toddlers,and five pets (two run-buddy dogs and three cats).

I'm an adult-onset athlete - I picked up running in 2007 to lose my Freshman 40 (not kidding), but didn't *really* start getting into being active until I graduated college. I used to be a back-of-the-pack athlete, but I've somehow unintentionally made my way into the middle-of-the-pack. I believe anyone can be an athlete - no matter where you fall in the pack. And I want everyone to succeed at it.

At this point in my life (read: 2 small kids), I swim/bike/run/lift to stay physically and emotionally healthy and tp set a good example for my kids. I believe in pushing myself, but not to the point that I stop loving the grind. I train for and do races, but I don't live to race. That said, I do LOVE racing. If you ask me to run a race with you I will say yes (be it a 5k, a Ragnar, trail race, distance's a borderline character flaw). I don't believe in saving races until I'm stronger or faster or "better" - the me that trains and shows up on race day is always badass enough.