Mollie Liskiewicz

Tucson, Arizona

Primary Discipline(s) Road Running, Trail Running, Hiking
Bucket List RaceMy first 55k, which will be December of '22! The Colossal Cave 50/50
Post-Race DrinkPicky Bar - Ah Fudge Nuts! flavor :)
Off-Day ActivityRelaxing with my doggos and birding trips around Tucson.

I love the outdoors and any activity that will get me out there!

I am currently a special uses resource tech for the US Forest Service and working weekends slinging shoes to stay active in the running community.

For about 8 years before landing my perm job, I've flip-flopped between being a wildlife seasonal technician and working at specialty running stores in Michigan, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.
- As a wildlife tech I've been able to trap and band ducks, trap and gps-collar wolves, black bear, coyote, and bobcat. I've spent 4 summers calling in endangered owls and feeding them mice to figure out where their babies are. Surveyed protected frogs, turtles, birds, and conducted countless botany surveys for rare plants. Spent a LOT of my time hiking/bush-whacking miles into the wilderness, sweating profusely, covered in poison oak/ivy and scratches, and dealing with rattlesnakes, black bear charges, and mountain lions.
- As a specialty running store saleslady, I love learning about new products and gear and how it can help others or myself. I enjoy working with people and helping them become more active. I like setting goals and achieving them (mainly simply to complete certain distances).
My usual activities include trail running, backpacking & gravel-biking, with the occasional rock climbing and yoga sesh. I'm hoping to get more into mountain biking soon, and plan some sweet bike-packing trips!